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Essential Oils

Updated: Nov 23, 2022

An open bottle of essential oil, Best Essential Oils

What are the best brands, best oil types, health benefits

Are you interested in learning more about essential oils? There is a lot of buzz around essential oils and their benefits. We want to make sure that our readers have the information they need when it comes to aromatherapy and how it can be incorporated into everyday life.

● Benefits of aromatherapy - relaxation, better sleep

● Different oils for different ailments

● Where do essential oils come from; how are they produced?

● Best essential oil brands

Essential oils are an effective complement to traditional medicine for many folks. Let's explore these topics in a bit more depth.

Benefits of aromatherapy

There are a number of great benefits to using aromatherapy, such as a deeper sense of relaxation and better sleep. In addition to these helpful benefits, oils can also help to improve your complexion and relieve conditions such as chronic asthma.

Different oils for different ailments

If you are interested in experimenting with different oils as a way to relieve medical conditions, we recommend the following:

Rosemary - is useful as a serum to stop hair loss. This essential oil has been reported to help stimulate hair follicle growth. Simply rub the oil into the scalp where there are any areas of balding or thinning hair.

Bergamot - anyone who suffers from anxiety may want to handle their ailment without the use of drugs. Using an oil diffuser during the workday is a great way to keep anxious feelings at bay. Bergamot along with any citrus oil can be used for this purpose.

Manuka - we understand how upsetting acne can be, especially as an adult. If you suffer from acne, apply some of this essential oil to your clean, dry face. After treating the affected area with manuka oil, you should notice a clearer, brighter complexion.

Where do essential oils come from; how are they produced?

The process for identifying and sourcing essential oils might be a bit more complex than you initially thought. We were surprised by how involved the biology of essential oils is! The hair-like cells that are contained in a plant's Glandular Trichomes are where the oils are sourced. Surprisingly, a plant can give out an essential oil that differs from its plant identity!

Best essential oil brands

If you are ready to get started using essential oils, take a look at these popular and well-respected essential oil brands:

Vitruvi Essential Oils

Plant Therapy


Before you opt for your first essential oil purchase, consider how you will use the oil. You may opt for a different brand depending on whether you will wear the oil, add it to a bath, or use it with a diffuser.

If you want to feel more relaxed and reduce your stress level, essential oils can be an effective alternative to medication. Combining the use of essential oils with meditation practice and an increase in exercise is a wonderful way to make improvements to your life. We hope that this post has been informative for you!

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