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The Best Devices to Track Your Health

Updated: Nov 22, 2022

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We love getting insight into our health with a reliable fitness tracker. They even help motivate us to get physically active. However, it can be hard to pick between the different brands of fitness trackers.

Let's check out the best fitness tracking devices on the market and see what each has to offer.

What Health Metrics Should You Track (And Why?)

Day-to-day Benefits of Health Tracking

Six Fitness Tracker Brands to Consider

Our Top 3 Options

What Health Metrics Should You Track (And Why?)

Fitness trackers offer different health metrics that you can track in real time.

One of the biggest selling points is the heart rate tracker. Studies have shown that these heart rate trackers are fairly accurate. A majority of the team at Higher Options have compared data with their smartwatches to heart rate monitors at their doctor's offices. Crazy enough, they reported the exact same numbers. The new Samsung and Apple watches also have a unique EKG setting that can provide 2 data points for heart rate tracking. This should never be used to determine actual heart-related issues! But the feature does provide a level of information that can be useful to a licensed professional.

Fitness trackers can also help you measure your sleep. This is harder to track because your sensor can get displaced while sleeping. But it does give you insight into how well you are recovering during rest.

You get other convenient fitness metrics like step counters—which can improve physical activity levels—and even stats like blood oxygen levels in more high-end models.

We have also found that many health trackers now include temperature sensors to help track ovulation cycles and sickness levels. This is a game-changer for women and the more data the device collects the more accurate the readouts will be.

Day-to-day Benefits of Health Tracking

There are plenty of reasons to wear a fitness tracker. They have been shown to help motivate people to stay fit. Fitness trackers are a positive way of increasing your physical activity and helping you get real-time data about your health.

Fitness trackers have even been used to help people with medical conditions like heart disease.

These devices can provide a way to biohack your body and take advantage of recovery indexes.


Six Fitness Tracker Brands to Consider

Each of these fitness trackers are a solid choice if you're looking for basic step counting, heart rate tracking, and exercise information. However, there are a few key differences you should consider if you're serious about selecting the Higher Option.

Apple Watch

The Apple Watch is one of the most popular fitness-tracking accessories. It's got a unique style, heart rate, and blood oxygen monitor, and it works with a variety of fitness apps.

The series 7 & 8 are a great choice for the average consumer. The battery life can be a bit lacking and if you opt for the aluminum models it's best to get a case or screen protector. If you snag the titanium model though, the screen is made of high-quality sapphire and it's incredibly scratch resistant. If you have the budget though, the new Apple Watch Ultra is by far and away the BEST smartwatch/health tracker on the market at the moment. But it will set you back $799+. In the end, the biggest trade-off/limitation is that you need an iPhone to connect. If you are running a google or android device, it's best to move on.

Samsung & Garmin Smartwatches

Samsung Watch and Garmin Watch are both competitors of the Apple Watch.

However, while Samsung has its own fitness ecosystem, you don't have to have a Samsung phone to use their smartwatch. The screen quality and battery is fairly decent and is often the first choice for people using google or Samsung devices.

Garmin on the other hand has a wide range of devices that are meant for the aggressive adventurer. They are durable and capable of running weeks if not months without a charge and can track your basic health features. The Garmin connects via Bluetooth so almost any mobile device can connect.

Samsung aims to cater to the Android crowd while Garmin builds watches for higher budgets and performance focussed athletes. Both come with their own pros and cons. Samsung has a sleek style but lacks in battery life just like Apple watches. They also don't have as sophisticated health tracking. It's more of a smart watch than a health device. Garmin has extreme battery life but they also lack a significant amount of health sensors.

If you're looking for just a health-tracking device and not a watch, it's best to look elsewhere.

Oura Ring and Whoop 4.0

The Oura Ring and Whoop 4.0 are unique in that neither has a screen and they both provide daily scores related to your health and recovery. The Oura ring is well... a wearable ring! The Whoop 4.0 is a band that fits on your wrist, leg, or even your chest. Both are the top-of-the-line health tracking devices on the market right now. They offer highly accurate information and durability, but with the trade-off of not having an onboard screen.

But their big claim to fame is their data algorithm. Both are incredibly fine-tuned and as mentioned above, they spit out daily scores based on your activity and sleep levels.

The biggest downside of both of these tracking devices are the subscriptions that come with them. Both systems have monthly costs on top of the entry fee of the product. This can make it difficult for people to commit too. But three people at Higher Options have the Oura ring and they absolute love it!


FitBit is something of the golden standard for fitness trackers. According to one study, it was validated twice as often as any other brand and appeared in 10 times as many clinical trials than any other brand of fitness tracker.

What also sets them apart from the other brands is their product line. They have 3 different smartwatch styles, 6 different fitness tracking bands, and a fitness tracking scale! Tons of different colors and style options give you a perfect modular platform to fit your needs.

So What Are Our Top 3 Options:

You can get plenty of benefits from wearing any of the fitness trackers mentioned above. But it really comes down to your daily goals. Are you looking to get motivated to go on regular walks, are you someone who wants to start biohacking, or are you a performance athlete trying to get maximum gains?

Looking to get motivated? Go with an Apple watch or a Samsung watch.

Looking to Biohack? Oura ring or the Whoop 4.0

Performance Athlete? Apple Watch Ultra, one of the higher-end Garmin Watches, or the Whoop 4.0.

But our top 3 devices we use, love, and recommend are the Apple Watch, Oura Ring, and Garmin Watches! Most of our team use Apple devices so it makes sense the Apple Watch is on our list. The Oura Ring gives our team the ability to schedule their workouts accordingly and take breaks when needed. For the team members who don't run Apple devices, they immediately backed their Garmin watches. But don't fret, all the health devices mentioned above are a great choice. Happy tracking!

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